How could we have entire families in-migrate to call Greater Sudbury their home (by the thousands), to enjoy our Northern heritage, peace and quiet, much safer neighborhoods, lower costs of living (real estate, taxes, living essentials etc)?

Would an in-migration, bring economic diversity, employment and future prosperity?

Could it re-build the out-migration of $8 Billion that the current out migration has cost our community in unrealized revenue?

How could we accomplish this ?

Both Sudbury and Northern Ontario are wonderful places to live and grow, we have distinctive qualities to offer, a plethora of natural resources encapsulated within an urban hub, where the friendliest people on earth call home. Greater Sudbury is a superior place to raise a family.

We as a community should better market and re-brand our community image and attitudes, by projecting an outward image of a community that cares about its future, by caring about the “Youth” who will surely become that future. By actively demonstrating that our community cares about the same thing that parents do, their "family members" (their children, teenagers, young adults), we can re-build the Greatest Sudbury.

We at HYPE feel that “Youth” are our single most vital resource and as such, their positive and pro-active development is integral and paramount to the current and future success of our community.

If our Greater Sudbury Ontario, were known (not only as the Nickel capital of Canada), but also as the most “Youth Friendly and Youth Culture Friendly” city in North America, what could that accomplish?

We at HYPE invite our communities to re-examine the kind of Sudbury we envision for the future and in doing so envision a community that says through action that “Youth Matters” here. (Actions speak louder than Words!)

This is the core objective of HYPE.

To demonstrate throughout our Northern Communities, that Youth do Matter, and demonstrate the issues that Matter to Youth.

As our solution to “Youth Out Migration” from Sudbury and throughout Northern Ontario;

We at HYPE present this symbol (logo) as a banner to be embraced by our community.

We invite all those concerned with making our Northern communities more prosperous to embrace this banner in any manner that “Empowers the Positive” and then demonstrate that “Youth Matters” here.

Young People Are The Future, Our Future!


Concerned citizens can visit http://www.thehyperlink.com , or send this link to a friend.