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Groups and organizations that help make for a Greater Sudbury.   

Find out about how the City of Greater Sudbury is truly Senior Friendly (and friendly indeed for everyone regardless of age).

Sudbury Horticultural Society promotes better gardening inside and out with help from master gardeners.  Meetings and shows throughout the year including judged events.

Northern Vegetarian Society

Save yourself and save the planet through healthier eating.

Sudbury crafts and arts foundation with work of many talented artists on "virtual" display.

Lower cost yet dignified funerals.

Serving pre-school children and their parents - singles or couples.

Sudbury and District Health Unit

Sudbury Newbies

A group for new people to Sudbury or former residents returning - find out more here and contact information.  Note:  Check out coming events and/or e-mail

Hype:  Sudbury youth working to promote Sudbury  (see also comments section)

Sudbury's premier world famous studio for performance and presentation.



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    Spray Fountain - Memorial Park - Downtown Sudbury - near the new YMCA - Older Adult Centre for Life.   (photo courtesy of John Lindsay)

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Other Places - Same Name:

Did you know there are three other Sudbury communities?  One is in England (for which we are named) and two in the United States (Vermont and Mass.) For the community near Boston that shares our name go to this link.  For information on the original Sudbury (in England) go to this web site:







Sugar Bush  Operating since 1912 many visitors come to taste fresh maple syrup each spring just a 10 minute drive from downtown. 

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