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Residents describe their favorite eating places and preferred meals


Residents Favorites: 

Sudbury truly has many great places to eat with a variety of dining experiences and reasonable prices.  People from out of town now comment on the many excellent facilities available.  We recommend to guests the following local restaurants we frequent.  There are others as well as the major chains but we like local: Give them a try:      

Mr. Prime Rib (Barrydowne Road).  Quiet atmosphere quality dining at reasonable prices. 

Tony V's (Martindale Road) Good selection and great prices - feel at home atmosphere.  

Tucos Tacos Lounge: Great mexican style (but not too spicy) at 582 Kathleen St. This is all vegan and very popular.

Others, Tommy's Not Here, Ripe, Sizzle Mongolian Grill, Apollo, My Thai Palace, Laughing Budda, Azian Cuisine

If you have your favorites let us know so we can post them on this site.  Send to







Lakes and Sunshine

Greater Sudbury has more than 350 lakes within city limits, the most of any city in North America, if not the world.  We are also know for our abundant sunshine.  According to weather records we enjoy more sunshine than just about any other city in Ontario. 









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Did you know there are three other Sudbury communities?  One is in England (for which we are named) and two in the United States (Vermont and Mass.) For the community near Boston that shares our name go to this link.  For information on the original Sudbury (in England) go to this web site:


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