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Here is where you can have your say about what you think about The City of Greater Sudbury: 

Learn what  residents and those who have visited our city say in their own words .. if you would like to add to these comments please send an e-mail to

A Challege to Sudburians by Bob Keir

The "just right" city by John Lindsay

Rough and Bustling by Gerry Felice

So much to do - Rolanda Tovey

Environmentally Sound - Roger Couture

Northern Proud - Karen Mannila

On my Holiday List - Bob Yake

Much has Changed - Lucy St. Amond

Life Simple & enjoyable - Diane Leclair

Proud of the Changes - P. Duffy

Up from Florida - The Bennett Family

Something in the Rocks - Kim Sutton

Wouldn't live anywhere else - J. Tessier

Everything you want - Susan Fediuk

Boardwalk View

Millennium Fountain - View from boardwalk on the shores of Minnow Lake - more information on website  




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Please note:  Those contributing to this section of the site receive, while supplies last,  a copy of Sudbury's own Blueberry Heritage Cookbook, with historical information on our greatest above ground resource. Send your comments and stories by e-mail to

Sudbury the greatest - Pam Sauerbrei

Swim and Skate - Lisa Alexander

Great Organizations - Ron Watt

New Resident Comments - Nathalie

Rather live here - Kathy Holz

Different kinds of Beauty - Ann

Beauty and Simplicity- Jodie Leblanc

Fantastic Mix - Helena Valenti

Can't beat quality of life - Susan Davis

Six Generations - Lorraine Geraghty

Chose Sudbury - Michelle (Pilon) Bustos

C`est certainement - Line Clément

Wanted to return - Wayne Chamberlain

Feel Special - Margot Desormeaux

Favorite Big City - Bonnie and Ken

Picked blueberry - Lee Armstrong


Different Voices:  Those with thoughts on improving our city - other perspectives.  This web site does not necessary support the views or opinions but presents this section of the site as a forum for expression.  Please feel free to contribute by e-mail to:

First Impressions from John Gaul a new resident and suggestions for a "greater" Sudbury.  John talks on the video below with John Lindsay, chair of Friendly to Seniors about the "Perfect Fit" concept for Sudbury.  Viewer can be obtained free from

The Perfect Fit Idea in PDF format

Why we chose Sudbury:  Hilary Stokes Read what Hilary has to say and also visit her great website:

Comments on moving to Greater Sudbury by Gord and Nancy Paterson

Great place - enormous potential - but not utilized - university student Robert Todd's views

Time for the city to create a brand that defines to the rest of the world who we are and what we are all about  - Erik Lovin

The HYPE project - Young people in action to build our community.

Say YES to Sudbury - YesSudbury branding proposal.



John Lindsay, SeeSudbury web site developer, mailing out complimentary cookbooks for those who have contributed to the site.    If you have sent in a comment and have not seen it posted on the site, please advise and we will check to see if it may have become lost in cyberspace.  There is still a supply of cookbooks (but limited) for those folks who would like to contribute their thoughts on our city.

Did you know:  The SeeSudbury website was a finalist in the 2004 Sudbury Web-Site awards. 

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