A challenge to Sudburians by Bob Keir:


This letter originally appeared in a Sudbury newspaper and contains the idea for this section of the website.  It was written as a response to an article entitled "See Sudbury" article in the local press.


Perhaps John Lindsay is on to something with his “See Sudbury” image-marking proposal.  But at the same time the catchy phrase hit me a question came to mind. Why? Why should someone who has never been here, or not been here for a long time, want to see the Greater Sudbury of today?  Lindsay is a bright guy, whom I admire, respect and whom I encourage to continue his efforts as a booster of our community.  Maybe he should be persuaded to submit his list of reasons why a stranger anywhere in the world would visit Sudbury and return home to shout the praises of such a wonderful place to vacation or even to live, work, and raise a family.  How about every resident of Greater Sudbury sitting down and writing up a list of reasons why our community is seriously worth a look-see?  After all, if we don’t believe this is the best place in the world to live, work, play or raise a family, why are we here?


So residents of Greater Sudbury:  Take up the challenge and let the world know why you have made this commuity your home.   Send your comments and thoughts to www.SeeSudbury.ca.


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