Rough and Bustling - Now more Mellow:   Gerry Felice


When I first came here in 67 this city was a rough and bustling city with a lot of people coming in from all over Canada and even other countries to take advantage of the mining boom and the huge workforce that was needed. Sudbury has stayed a big city even though it has mellowed and became a lot more refined. Personally, I love the downtown with it many cafe's and theatre's. This city is not as rough as it once was but it is just as dynamic as ever and very friendly and a great place to live. 


So much to do - Rolanda Tovey


I heard you on CBC radio this morning and upon checking your website, thought I would comment on growing up in Sudbury.  I was raised in Capreol and moved to Sudbury when I married.  Sudbury is a great place to raise a family.  The schools are great, the recreation facilities are wonderful and there is just so much to do.  You live in a city but the wilderness is so close, you can get away anytime.  Just wanted to comment.


Environmentally Sound - Roger Couture


One of the highlights for me is the fact that so much effort has been made to restore the natural landscape of the Sudbury region.  With VETAC (land reclamation with 11 millions trees being planted), the lake restoration committee (Dr. John Gunn and team), eco-friendly industrial endeavors (bio-diesel, wind power generation) and other such projects, we are poised to ensure a long-lasting environmentally sound place that people will undoubtedly be proud to call "home".


Northern Pround - Karen Mannila


I heard you talking this morning on 96.1 in Timmins and thought I would check out the website. Very nice! I too, am northern proud. I have lived in Porcupine all my life, except for a short stint (2 yrs) in Calgary. Although it was an experience, I couldn't wait to get back home. What I like most about Sudbury (and porcupine!) is the water. (Something I really missed while in Calgary.) I love how there is a mix of both city and country with the trees and water surrounding everything!


On my Holiday List - Bob Yake


I had to check this page out after hearing about it on the CBC. I have bookmarked this page and will be returning to it often before my holidays this year. Great job on showing off your beautiful city. I think it will be on my summer holiday list. Thanks



Much has Changed - Lucy St. Amant


I moved to Sudbury in the seventies from the Killarney and have found it
to be a wonderful place to live and raise children.  I remember when
Sudbury was a booming downtown with all the stores like Kresges,
Woolworths, Silvermans etc.  Man those were the days.  Much has changed
and Sudbury has grown, and now with the rebuilding of our downtown area
it is once again becoming a busy place.  They have many nice shops  to
visit in the downtown core, so stop for a visit.



Life Simple and enjoyable - Diane Leclair


Thanks for developing this wonderful site. 


The site not only showcases how beautiful our city and surrounding areas are, but also offers valuable information on the great places to eat, sleep and visit.


I was born in Sudbury and our family always had a 'camp' just an hour away by car.  We picked blueberries in our back yard and went swimming just down the road.  Our primary school was a short walk through a trail behind the house.  We grew a huge garden and enjoyed it's abundant freshness.


Even after 45 years, this continues to be true.  Although Sudbury has grown more metropolitan, it's natural attractions will always play a huge role in keeping life here simple and enjoyable.


I look out my patio door and spy the squirrel doing calisthenics trying to reach the newly hung berry/seed mixture on the pine tree branch.  Soon I will take my evening walk with my dog much to her delight and mine.  She'll sniff every inch of the trail to see what or who was before us and prance through the long grass and brush.  We will take in the fresh air and listen to the different melodies as the birds call to each other in the nearby woods.  An overwhelming appreciation of the wonders that surround us will once again calm  and soothe any of the day's stress.


Proud of the Changes - P. Duffy

I  was born in Coniston and have spent most of my life in Sudbury and I'm proud of the changes that have taken place over the last 60 years in our city and surrounding areas. I am  so happy to see a new web site about our city that I can send to family and friends living away from the Sudbury area.

Keep up the good work.



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