Rather live here

I have lived in Sudbury for 34 years, and briefly in Toronto for a year.  I would much rather live here in Sudbury. 

You can get up in the morning and choose to go shopping at any number of the various box stores and malls.  You can dine casually or exquisitely in a vast choice of restaurants.   

Or you could take your dog for a leisurely walk on any of the nature trails.  Go camping for the weekend or fishing or swimming in the afternoon without having to drive for hours.  You can see wildlife such as deer, moose, bear, fox, etc. You can take in a movie or show at the Sudbury Theatre Centre in the evening. 

All of this you can do in one day because you are in Sudbury and everything is literally minutes between each other. 

Sudbury is also very multicultural which I think is a great advantage.  You can sample other cultures' foods and learn of their traditions.  Have a chance to learn new languages.  

We also have events throughout the year.  Various home shows, craft shows, food events, interesting fund raising events and so much more!! 

Can it get any better? 

Kathy Holz


Different kinds of Beauty

We (my husband and I) love Sudbury for its wonderful, different kinds of beauty in nature.  We don't have to travel far to experience a hiking trail up rugged rocks to a top of the world view (I'm the king of the mountain) or valleys of delightful wildflowers, blueberries, and ponds with beavers, ducks, gulls, loons, and muskrats, to name some of our diverse wildlife.   We can enjoy our boreal forest and lakes with amazing adventures: hiking, camping, boating, fishing,swimming and photography almost in our own backyard.   It is a wonderful city in which to learn about our natural geographical and biological environment that is millions of years old.  We are the nickel mining capital of the world with all the wonders that go with it including lakes in the middle of our city.  How lucky we are to live in Sudbury.


Beauty and Simplicity

The reasons why I love Sudbury so much are mainly for it's beauty and simplicity. The abundance of lakes, rivers and hidden gems is what enticed me to return to Sudbury after a 5 year departure.

Moreover, it is the compassion and kindness of the Sudbury Community that welcomes visitors and residents alike, which demonstrates
the true heart and soul of our city.

Sudbury is truly a wondrous place to explore, come visit us today.

Jodie Leblanc


Fantastic Mix

It is a wonderful place to raise a young family.  We are big enough to be considered the Capital of the North and yet not so big as to be considered a metropolitan.  What a fantastic mix of educational institutions, shopping centres and entertainment centres, health care institutions and natural resources.  We are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful and diverse city.

I encourage all young people to take a look at the City of Greater Sudbury.  To the leaders of our City, we need to recruit and retain the young minds of tomorrow.  

Helena Valenti


Can't beat quality of life

I have been a resident of Sudbury for my whole life.  Although I have travelled to other areas, you can't beat the quality of life we have here.  Everything is so accessible and yet you can live in the City but have a forest in your backyard.  Blueberries actually grow in my backyard and it only takes me 12 minutes to drive to the center of the City from my home!  How great is that!  We see wildlife such as raccoons, moose, bears, foxes, and blue jays from the comfort of our dining room table.  With all the fresh, clean lakes surrounding our City, outdoor activities are endless with swimming, fishing, snowmobiling, sliding, skating, boating, hiking, and canoeing just to name a few.  Every summer brings the outdoor adventure of the blueberry picking season that has the whole family out in the fresh air.  The variety of shopping malls continues to expand.  We definitely are the shopping icon of Northern Ontario. We live in a very affordable City with a multitude of services and activities to enjoy and this keeps lifelong residents here.  The City of Greater Sudbury is a great place to live and visit!

Susan Davis




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