Six Generations - Lorraine Geraghty

> I would like to say how wonderful Sudbury has been for my family. We
> have had 6 generations raised in Sudbury & all have great prosperous
> lives. All have received a great education through the Sudbury Rainbow
> school board. We have also enjoyed all the beautiful lakes that are all
> around us. I really enjoy your site. Thank you,

Chose Sudbury - Michelle (Pilon) Bustos

I was born and raised in Ottawa.  At the age of 17, my mom and I moved to Sudbury.  While we had visited other cities, we chose Sudbury because it is one of the friendliest towns anywhere.  It is a large enough city that it can offer most of the cultural events and arenas that cities such as Ottawa can and also allows for the privilege of experiencing many different cultures.  Sudbury can boast about the lakes in its town centre and it’s ‘cottage country’ virtually a stone’s throw away.  There is a nice variety of places for your dining and shopping pleasures.  I am now living in Ottawa but am proud to take every opportunity to encourage people to visit Sudbury and explore its many wonders.  Thank you, Sudbury, for many wonderful years. 

C`est certainement - Line Clément


C`est pour mes faire mes études que je suis venue vivre à Sudbury.  Plus de 15 ans plus tard, j`y habite toujours et j`y élève ma famille.  Ma culture francophone est très importante pour moi et Sudbury me permet de vivre celle-ci et de la faire découvrir à mes enfants.  J`ai fait mes études universitaires en français, je travaille dans un milieu français et je peux également me divertir dans ma langue!  C`est certainement un atout pour Sudbury d`avoir cette composante francophone!


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