Sudbury is the "just right" city:  John Lindsay

I came to Sudbury in 1965 from Kingston Ontario, a beautiful city rich in history.  It took a little while to become accustomed to what Sudbury was at that time, a vigorous mining town that was certainly rough around the edges in many ways.

What a lot of changes have taken place since that time and Sudbury is now one of the best cities in which to live, work and play in all of Canada.  Most Canadians, including unfortunately many of our citizens, do not fully appreciate our city, which I believe is aptly named Greater Sudbury as we are truly the Great City of the North. 

To quote baby bear in Goldilocks we are in may ways "just right".  We are not too hot in summer, and not that  unpleasantly cold in winter, unlike many parts of the country where residents "cook" in the summer and do not get sufficiently cold weather to really enjoy winter sports.  Regardless of the season we enjoy more sunshine hours than any other large community in Ontario. We are large enough to have most of the amenities of much larger centres, but small enough to get around easily.  

Our roads may not be in the best of repair, and we could have more employment opportunities, but these are problems many cities face.  With our resources and ingenuity we will prevail and I believe, as indeed do many others, that the future is bright. 

It is true that we have an "image" problem.  Many Canadians have heard of Sudbury, but still think of us as probably one of the last places they might wish to visit, let alone live.  How do we change this?  Obviously this will not be an easy task, but it is not impossible.   Check my ideas.

I have lived, worked and traveled from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island in Canada and from Florida to California in the States and I truly feel that Sudbury is one of the most unique and wonderful spots to live anywhere in North America.  We should be proud to live in our city and work to make it an even Greater Sudbury.

John R. Lindsay, Sudbury

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