Up from Florida .. The Bennett Family

We have just moved up here after living in Florida for 15 years. We had previously lived in Val Gagne' On.  Our first visit to Sudbury after years of being away was a pleasant surprise. A lot of changes has taken place, and it is a growing community.

We chose to move here to be near our grandchildren, and have not regretted our decision.  We enjoy all that Sudbury has to offer, and after so long, are even enjoying the snow.

Science North has been fun, and the movies always have something to offer of interest to us. Halloween horror houses were great! The summer was a little colder than I remember, but didn't stop me from swimming in the lake. The residents are as I remember, friendly, and always ready to help a person in need.

Our move to Sudbury has been a positive one, and we plan on staying here.

The Bennett family


Something in the Rocks

I was born and raised here as well now my children and grand children ..a warm safe community.  You may go away but Sudbury draws you back -  its something in the rocks.

Kim Sutton


Wouldn't live anywhere else.

I've lived in Sudbury for over 60 years and I was surprised to read the comments, by some people who thought Sudbury was rough in the 60's!  I was working downtown in the 60's and we almost had to walk single file because the sidewalks were so crowded, but I never felt it was rough!  Do you think Stompin' Tom was responsible for defaming our city?  I also walked to school in the 40's and parents never had to worry about our safety.

It's a different world to-day, but Sudbury is still safer than a lot of other cities and I wouldn't live anywhere else.  I won't complain about the weather anymore after the tsunami catastrophe, but I agree with one of your readers that we have the "just right" climate, year 'round.  Everyone talks about the lakes in the area, but if you're not a "water" person, Sudbury is one of the friendliest cities and maybe that feature should also be promoted.  Thanks for allowing me to comment on my hometown.

Joyce Tessier


Everything you would want is here

have lived in Sudbury and surrounding area all my life and I won't be leaving anytime soon. It is too nice of a place to leave. There is everything that you would want here. There are numerous lakes around to use for recreational use such as swimming, boating and of course fishing. There is the Big Nickel and Dynamic Earth and also Science North to tour and see and touch things all about our area. There are also shopping malls for those who enjoy shopping. We now also have Silver City for those who enjoy going to movies. There are a whole lot of things to do and see in Sudbury and I'm very proud to call this my home.  Thank you 

Susan Fediuk


Sudbury is the greatest

Sudbury is the greatest because we have the greatest lakes, the greatest fresh air, the greatest boardwalk, the greatest seasons & the greatest people! People that move away from Sudbury usually end up moving back because they realize just how great it is and no other place can compare to it!

Pam Sauerbrei


 Swim and skate close to home

I am originally from Toronto, but have called my home Sudbury since 1988.  My children were born here and I am so glad for that.  Where else can you swim in a lake minutes from you home, or better yet skate in the winter on beautiful Ramsey Lake.  The skating path was a wonderful idea and we certainly used a lot this year.  I can't think of a better city to raise a family.

Lisa Alexander


Great Organizations - Greater People

Just a few comments about coming to, and living in Sudbury for almost forty years. Sudbury has grown during those forty years in many ways such as our landscape, new sub-divisions that have been build, much effort to make the downtown area more attractive and livable, great eating places, new construction of "big box" stores that may bring new people to Sudbury to shop and maybe see what a great place Sudbury is to visit.  Those who like the out-of-door life - year round don't have far to travel to participate. Science North, Dynamic Earth, Onaping Falls, many museums, Lake Ramsay & the walk way along part of it's shore line, etc. are just some of the things that people can visit. There are many great organizations and even greater people with the same goals - to make Sudbury an even better place to live in and to raise a family. 

 Ron Watt



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