New Resident Comments - Nathalie Gara-Boivin


I recently moved to Sudbury for a 2-year contract with the Sudbury Basin Environmental Networking Initiative. What surprised me about Sudbury is how sunny and bright the city is... people down 'south' were telling me how black and dark Sudbury was, obviously they haven't been here in 15-20 years. The city through the regreening efforts has become green and black rock and moonscape are not a reality.  Also, I found out that Sudbury is one of the sunniest cities in Ontario.


Sudbury has a variety of different attractions for a new resident like myself. I mean where else do you have the opportunity to go swimming in a non-polluted lake right in the city? Lake Ramsey offers a variety of different aquatic opportunities from dragon boat racing, swimming, sailing to windsurfing. I look at the rock that surrounds the city and view it as a nature loversí playground. There are many recreational opportunities such as hiking, cross county skiing, skating, snowboarding right in the city.


On top of many recreational opportunities the people are friendly. The first time someone said hi to me in the grocery store I was so surprised. Coming from Toronto nobody dares says hi to a stranger walking down the street or in a public place. Sudbury has that small town feel but with all the amenities of a city. I have discovered Sudbury's Theatre community with its variety of different venues from Francophone theatre, community theatre and even professional shows. The arts community is thriving with a variety of art series movies at the Rainbow Cinemas and the Sudbury Arts Councils which is an umbrella group to different artists and art spaces. I even discovered that Sudbury has a very accessible Art Gallery.


The Francophone community is very vibrant and active. Being half francophone and half Anglophone, I really feel that I have been able to connect with my French roots. Speaking of roots, I have had the opportunity to discover more about Native spirituality and culture by going to my first drumming circle. There I learnt songs in Ojibwe that connect people with the earth as their ancestors lived. Where else do you have the coming together of three nations that work and live together but still manage to have their own separate identities?


I guess to sum it up, Sudbury is a friendly, sunny, rocky and lakey and has the warmth of a small town but all the amenities of the city.  I think I will enjoy my first summer here with all the festivals and summer activities and going to the farmer's market downtown.... I'm ready to experience summer in this wonderful northern city.


By: Nathalie Gara-Boivin April 4, 2005


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