Sudbury Newbies




Sudbury Newbies is a group for people who are new or newly back to Sudbury. Created to explore the city and its beautiful surroundings, we hope to bring people together to network and form friendships. Nous parlons aussi franšais und Deutsch.


Newbies Nathalie, Susanne and Pierre felt Sudbury needed an avenue for people newly arrived or back in the city to meet people and discover the region.  With a few posters placed around the city and some ads in the local community calendars, Sudbury Newbies was born.


Our first meeting was on Feb. 16th at the Parker House Inn. We played some ice breakers and got to know each other a little better. Most of the newbies that attended have moved to Sudbury within the past 6 months for employment purposes.  While many of the newbies have travelled far and wide, they have now settled down, for the time being, in Sudbury.


The group will be organizing monthly activities such as dining at local restaurants, attending the local art galleries and theatres, exploring the great outdoors and enjoying the entertainment nightlife in order to provide a fun and social framework for newbies to network and discover Sudbury and area.


You can keep up to date with our monthly happenings by visiting us at . To be on our blog listing or to get more information email us at