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A short history of our City - The Nickel Capital of the World and the largest city in Northern Ontario:

You have probably heard a least several negative stories about Sudbury - a rough mining town, environmentally damaged, economically challenged etc.  According to these reports Sudbury would seem to be the last place you would want to visit, let alone actually work and live. 

This may have been unfortunately true, from about 1900 to 1975.  But, since then several minor (or perhaps major) miracles occurred.   Damaged wasteland was reclaimed in a greening initiative that earned international recognition. The economy diversified with health care, education, government services and commerce of all description growing rapidly, not to mention a very vigorous tourist sector.  

In just under 30 years Sudbury was transformed from somewhat of an ugly ducking to what many visitors have described as one of the most uniquely beautiful spots in Canada.  A city of over 330 lakes, four institutions of higher learning with heart and cancer centers of excellence in a regional health facility.  The finest four season  recreational opportunities, a symphony orchestra and professional theatre, a world renowned science centre and the best shopping north of Toronto.

Display showing the Regreening program of the City of Greater Sudbury

Lakes and Sunshine

Greater Sudbury has, as mentioned above, more than 330 lakes within city limits, the most of any city in North America, if not the world.  We are also know for our abundant sunshine.  According to weather records we enjoy more sunshine than just about any other city in Ontario. 









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The City of Greater Sudbury, one of Canada's best kept secrets is a great place to visit, live and work - Find out more on this page and our links to other information sources.

Canoeing on Ramsey Lake in front of Science North

Visit these sites for more information on our city.

This is the official City of Greater Sudbury website.

Information on our bilingual city in French.

Information about one of the earliest communities in Sudbury is featured on this site - also info on the ecological concerns and the Community Action Network





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Greater Sudbury Public Library: Lots of valuable and interesting information about our communities

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Other Places - Same Name:

Did you know there are three other Sudbury communities?  One is in England (for which we are named) and two in the  United States.  For more information on the Vermont American community that shares our name please click here.  For the Boston area namesake  please click on this link.  For information on the original Sudbury (in England) go to this web site:


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