Branding Sudbury


Recently the City of Greater Sudbury posted a link on its website encouraging residents to send in ideas about the image they want the city to promote. This information might then be used to help develop a brand for the city. A brand is a complex and abstract package consisting of a logo and a saying that defines the brand such as the Nike brand logo and slogan “Just Do It”.


Now it’s time for the city to Just Do It and create a brand that defines to the rest of the world who we are and what we are all about. Easy to say yet difficult to envision…


The city has also gone ahead and retained the services of a branding consulting firm from southern Ontario. I am hesitant and uncomfortable when such a personal city decision is handled by out of town personnel. True, when we live inside a cluster, it is often more difficult to see the whole than someone from the outside, but let’s not overlook the valuable perception that we all have. We are the ones living here and enjoying our beautiful city and the ones that can define who we are.


I received an inspiration about branding and have created the idea into a brand image and the brand slogan. I encourage everyone to submit ideas to the city and I will do likewise. The following list is a description of the areas that I feel are important to the overall image brand.


1.       Economic Outlook: does it represent the way we make our living? Does the brand include the mining companies and all the supporting businesses? Science North, Dynamic Earth the research clusters like Sudbury Neutrino Lab and Norcat, as well as remote mining technologies etc.

2.        Education: Does the brand support our 2 Colleges, our University and the new Medical school?

3.        People: The branding should make people feel special and recognize that the young people going to school now will be the ones running the city in the Future.

4.        Environment: One of the most important items for citizens’ recreation enjoyment and health. How do we show that in a logo and express the re-greening of our environment?

5.        Colour of the logo brand: Important to define our environment and the emotional connection to the city itself. Perhaps blue for the water of the 300 lakes in the city and the colour of the slag pouring as it glows in the night sky.


I think that our “brand” should express our clean air, water and our people in such a way that it shows the world that we can be the “World Leader in everything related to Mining.” We have as our roots a world famous billion year-old crater. This attracted the mining companies and now we could continue to attract world recognition to our unique city. We are showing growing pains and the question is, are we ready to claim our unique qualities and state who we are?


Erik Lovin (photographer)